Giving you the strength for Motherhood.

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STROLLER STRIDES (full and part time memberships available)

Stroller Strides is the program to help women find “strength in motherhood”. We believe that by creating safe spaces where moms can connect with one another and get in touch with the healthiest versions of themselves, we are unlocking the power of a collective motherhood. We aim to solve for the "loss of self" that comes with motherhood. There is an ugly underbelly of motherhood most moms experience in some form or another. This may show up as loneliness, martyrdom, self-sacrifice. However it manifests, it ends up harming the mom’s health. At FIT4MOM Sunset Valley, we stand for the complete opposite. We are for camaraderie, health, empowerment, leadership, and choice. We create a welcoming, supportive space for moms to be the most powerful versions of themselves.

We have 3 different memberships to fit your schedule and your budget!

Unlimited (up to 6 classes per week) :$65/month

Part Time (up to 3 classes per week) : $50/month

Working moms (1 class per week) : $30/month

Each membership includes:

-Stroller Strides classes, Village playdates, crafts and mom night out

-Start ANYTIME. Your month can start when you are ready!

-A one time registration fee applies.