What social activities for mom and baby do you offer?

FIT4MOM Sunset Valley has a free playgroup called Our Village. Anyone with children ages newborn to 5y is welcome to join...you do not have to be an active member of FIT4MOM to participate.

For children, we schedule various activities for both babies and tots...from indoor physical play at iPLAY and Catch Air, to playground dates, arts & crafts, playdates at members homes, tummy time, petting zoos, story times, and more!

For moms - we plan moms only events...dinner out, yoga on a Sunday morning, movie nights, and more!

Can I attend Saturday classes only?


We offer a membership that is 1-2x week package that most working moms take advantage of frequently. We also offer a 10 class pass that can be used for Saturday only classes.

Does Stroller Strides cater to different levels of fitness?

Stroller Strides is suitable for ALL levels of fitness:

-Beginner...whether you have never worked out or it has been a long while

-Advanced...whether you are very active and looking to change up your current fitness regime or need to add strength training to your running routine for completing a 5K, 10K, half marathon, triathlon, etc.

We offer various levels of intensity and resistance bands so each mom can choose at what level she wants or needs to work. As we get to know you, we can offer specific encouragement and tips on how to get the most of your workouts.

What do I do if my baby is fussy during class?

First, fussy babies are not a reason to avoid attending class. Never feel bad that your baby is interrupting class...FIT4MOM is a "safe" place where moms can be moms and babies can be babies. We are all moms and completely understand that babies get fussy. We are not going to judge and most likely won't even notice as we are focused on our own kids.

Moms of infants might consider using a baby carrier. Or you can always take a brief walk with baby in stroller to try and soothe them. If baby needs to be nursed or changed, please step aside and do so, then rejoin the workout when ready.

If toddler is fussy, consider bringing along a special toy or book that they can only play with during Stroller Strides. Pack plenty of healthy snacks and water for them.

We also sing and do silly things throughout the workout which helps keep the children engaged and entertained.

Do you cancel outdoor classes in the event of inclement weather?

If AISD (Austin Independent School District) is DELAYED or CLOSED, we will NOT have class.

In the event of inclement weather (rain, high winds, temperature or wind chill below 40 degrees), all classes are relocated to Babies R Us in Sunset Valley.

Notice of this will be posted on our facebook page at least 1 hour before regularly scheduled class time.

Please understand that we use our best judgment when deciding whether to relocate classes inside. The weather here in Austin can change in a flash. It could be raining in one part of a neighborhood and not the other. We will always err on the side of caution.

What type of stroller do I need for class?

Most any type of stroller is suitable for class from jogging types to travel systems. We do ask that you avoid "umbrella type" as they are flimsy and may not hold up well on uneven terrain.

Check your strollers manufacturers guidelines for information in regards to age and safety requirements.

How should I prepare for class?

  • Mom: Eat breakfast
  • Mom: Bring a snack for yourself to consume after workout or if you begin to feel lightheaded during class (i.e. LUNA bar, piece of fruit)
  • Mom: Lots of water; two water bottles during summer
  • Mom: For cooler mornings, dress in layers so you can shed clothes as you warm up
  • Mom: Lace up athletic shoes
  • Mom: Optional - mat or towel for floor work
  • Child: Dress them appropriately for weather
  • Child: Extra blanket for cooler mornings
  • Child: Bottles or Sippy Cups with water
  • Child: Snacks
  • Child: Toys, Books
  • Child: Stroller suitable for outdoors

What is the age range of children who attend class?

Babies must be at least 6 weeks old (min requirement for mom to be 6 weeks postnatal) and older children can attend up to any age that they still enjoy a ride in the stroller. Children must be secured in stroller for the duration of the workout.

If I am pregnant or just recently gave birth, do I need a physicians release to participate in class?

If you are currently pregnant, we welcome you to participate in Stroller Strides as long as your doctor has approved you to exercise. We ask that you listen to your body and take frequent breaks as needed.

If you recently gave birth, you must be AT LEAST 6 weeks postnatal before attending first class, but a physicians release is not required. If you are LESS THAN 6 weeks postnatal, a physicians release is required before participating in your first class.

When can I attend my first class?

You can attend your first class at anytime and any location, no advance notice is required.