What do I do if my baby is fussy during class?

First, fussy babies are not a reason to avoid attending class. Never feel bad that your baby is interrupting class...FIT4MOM is a "safe" place where moms can be moms and babies can be babies. We are all moms and completely understand that babies get fussy. We are not going to judge and most likely won't even notice as we are focused on our own kids.

Moms of infants might consider using a baby carrier. Or you can always take a brief walk with baby in stroller to try and soothe them. If baby needs to be nursed or changed, please step aside and do so, then rejoin the workout when ready.

If toddler is fussy, consider bringing along a special toy or book that they can only play with during Stroller Strides. Pack plenty of healthy snacks and water for them.

We also sing and do silly things throughout the workout which helps keep the children engaged and entertained.