FIT4MOM instructors are an important part of the new mom’s journey. We are here to help guide and encourage our new moms to be patient with your weight loss and fitness goals post-birth. Getting back in shape after baby must be approached one step at a time; skipping steps or progressing too quickly will not make it happen any faster. In fact, an accelerated and aggressive approach is likely to result in setbacks and potential injury. Exercise should always be pain-free and effective in decreasing fatigue, increasing energy and enhancing her performance. FIT4MOM instructors are integral in helping moms understand and take a safe approach to fitness.


Rachel Lily Peterson- FIT4MOM Owner/ Lead Trainer

Rachel Lily Peterson grew up in sunny, fit and health obsessed California, so an active lifestyle has always been important to her. After spending over 10 years in the beauty industry, and considering fitness to be a "hobby," she found herself more and more intrigued with how fitness made her feel. An avid runner and spin class aficionado, Rachel remained active through 42 weeks of pregnancy and ran a tough mudder just 3 weeks post partum.

"Pregnancy is not a disease, it's a condition where your body has the ability to work like a machine," Rachel says. Rachel found FIT4MOM and Stroller Strides accidentally, and was hooked on the workouts, but fell in love with the camaraderie of the other moms she met. Months later, while Peterson was amidst a divorce, and trying to redefine herself as a single mother, looking to support her son, she made the decision to purchase a FIT4MOM franchise with her savings. "I knew I wanted to show my son that women are strong, healthy and successful...I was nervous to use my financial safety net, but what is life without risks? I was ready to do something AMAZING!"

FIT4MOM Sunset Valley has grown to over 150 members, a staff team of 6 and 2 separate programs which cater to the needs of mamas everywhere. Peterson is known for her tough workouts, expertise in postpartum fitness and nutrition and endless energy among her peers and clients.


Alia Solarz- Stroller Strides Instructor

Alia Solarz expressed interest in joining our instructor team after realizing how Stroller Strides had made such a positive impact in her life. She found herself wanting to cultivate her same experience with other moms.

In August 2016 she was six weeks postpartum with her youngest child and at the invitation of a friend, she came to Stroller Strides and got hooked on regular workouts.

“Within a couple of short months, I started seeing major changes. Not only physically, but I had more energy, and I'd met other women who were going through the same things I was. It was so much easier and more motivating to workout when I was doing it alongside moms who were similarly showing up after three hours of sleep or a teething baby, and still had a positive attitude.”

Raised in the Midwest, Alia and her husband Chris moved to Texas in 2012 and have fell in love with the active community they have found near their home in south Austin. Alia is Mom to Eliana, Sloane, and Levon. Her kids keep her plenty busy, but in her (limited) spare time she enjoys hiking, binge-watching British TV dramas, and cooking for her family of five.

Alia brings a warm and motivating energy to those around her and we are so excited to have her on our team.


Sarah Swanter- Stroller Strides Instructor

Motherhood can present a whole new set of challenges beyond just keeping another human alive :). It can be challenging as moms for us to find ways to nurture ourselves and to find time to take care of our bodies.

After secretly scoping out the Stroller Strides group in my neighborhood park, I jumped in and joined. I quickly realized that Stroller Strides is not just a group of moms working out together. Its a group of moms sharing the journey of motherhood together with all of its ups and downs. Our children also form friendships and learn by example that moms are strong and that health and fitness are important. Stroller Strides gives me time to focus on my body and health while also spending valuable time with my kids.

Stroller Strides is an amazing tribe of women. I can not imagine my life without them not just for the workouts, but also for the friendships that we have grown. I am so excited to be a Stroller Strides instructor so that I can help moms feel healthy, energized and balanced :)!

We love Sarah's silliness, relaxed approach to motherhood and are so thrilled she is on our team.


Karla Monroe- The Village Activities Coordinator

My love for fitness started around the age of 15. I remember sneaking into Bally’s total fitness just to get a good sweat on. To this day, I remember the feeling of being at my ideal weight and being physically where I strive to be now. Fast forward 20 years, marriage and two beautiful little girls later, I found this amazing group of women that share that same vision for themselves as well as their families. When I first arrived at Strides, I thought “fitness and babies!? Yassss!!” Without a doubt, this is exactly what I needed.

Fast forward yet another 3 years and here we are, unable to envision our lives without the Strides Village. What would we do without it?

This has become the core of who I strive to be as a mom, wife and educator to those around me. I was ready for more and was offered the “Toddler Play date Coordinator” position where I am now also able to share my creative talent and develop educational and fun activities for both Mom and baby.

This is who I’ve become, who I’ve dreamt of becoming and I wouldn’t change it for anything.


Theresa Chavez- The Village Activities Coordinator

I was a First Grade teacher for 10 years before I became a SAHM. My son Luca is about to be 1 year old.

I love Stroller Strides for so many reasons! First of all, I would have a much more difficult time working out if I couldn't bring my baby along. I love having a group to exercise with. Everyone is very supportive of each other. I love our social activities. I loved the fact that there are weekly play dates or activities for our kiddos, and there are monthly mommy activities like Mom's Night Out and salad jar parties. I really thought our friends would be very involved with our son, but I recently noticed that while he sees them every now and then he doesn't really know them and takes a while to be himself. The people he recognizes and interacts with most are our stroller friends. I met some really wonderful people when I joined and I am so thankful that I am a part of the leadership team and get to plan and host baby activities!

We love Theresas calm spirit and amaizing and innovative ideas that she brings to our group!


Jess Pareti -Instructor

Jessica joined Stroller Strides in 2016. After experiencing some Post-Partum depression and anxiety, she sought therapy, and a counselor suggested she try group exercise with other moms.

"I came to check out Stroller strides during their first anniversary celebration. I was blown away at all these fantastic moms at different stages of motherhood coming together. I was really struggling with the transition to motherhood. I didn't recognize myself physically and I felt isolated and depressed. Finding a mom community has turned my life around."

Jessica joined when her son Austin was 8 weeks old. A year and half later, she has lost 60 lbs through attending regular stroller strides classes and joining the Body Back program.

"Body back really helped to push me to get the last 10 lbs off. It was a different kind of experience because I could just focus on myself."

Completing the Body Back program inspired Jessica to start training to become an instructor herself.

Jessica comes to the role with a background in nutrition. She was a Nutrition and Weight loss coach for several years before becoming a Stay at Home Mom.

"I see instructing as a way to give back to the people who helped to lift me up when I was feeling so low and to be able help new mothers as they navigate through the process of figuring out their bodies after baby. I never knew how strong I could be until I became a mom."