Karla Monroe

My love for fitness started around the age of 15. I remember sneaking into Bally’s total fitness just to get a good sweat on. To this day, I remember the feeling of being at my ideal weight and being physically where I strive to be now. Fast forward 20 years, marriage and two beautiful little girls later, I found this amazing group of women that share that same vision for themselves as well as their families. When I first arrived at Strides, I thought “fitness and babies!? Yassss!!” Without a doubt, this is exactly what I needed.

Fast forward yet another 3 years and here we are, unable to envision our lives without the Strides Village. What would we do without it?

This has become the core of who I strive to be as a mom, wife and educator to those around me. I was ready for more and was offered the “Toddler Play date Coordinator” position where I am now also able to share my creative talent and develop educational and fun activities for both Mom and baby.

This is who I’ve become, who I’ve dreamt of becoming and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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